NIC under Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India is a premier Information Technology organ of the Govt. of India which is committed to providing state-of-art solutions for the eGovernance needs of the Government of India, State Governments and UT govts., District Administrations and other govt. bodies. We are the pioneering ICT eGovernance professionals within government in india. Our ICT network [NICNET] is spread all over the country which is housing, processing and delivering most of the governance data in this country

    The IT services of NIC ranges from Consultancy, Software Design & Development, Office Automation, Networking Services, Training, Video Conferencing, CAD, EDI, Multimedia and Internet/Intranet Services including Web Site Development & Hosting. NIC has a nationwide presence, with its offices spread all across the country up to district level, from Leh to Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

    NIC is providing network backbone for every Government elements. e-Governance (short for electronic governance, also known as e-Gov, digital government, online government) is the process of extending governance deliverables between government and citizens (G2C – Govt. to Citizen), government and business enterprises (G2B –Govt. to Business), relationship between governments (G2G – inter-agency, inter-state relationship etc.) and government and employee (G2E-Govt. to employee) by creating a comfortable, transparent, and cost-effective information systems using ICT tools and infrastructure. NIC, through its endeavors have lived up to the e Governance expectations and is trying further to broaden thereupon

    NIC Lakshadweep is the major e-governance & IT player in Lakshadweep. As everywhere and especially due to the geographical isolation of the territory from the mainland and from within the territory, ICT governance tools have become the lifeline of the territory and it’s Citizen. Every IT enabled application bridges enormous gaps between government and citizen in this territory. Lakshadweep is an example of ‘effective digital bridging of geographical isolation’. The government workforce in Lakshadweep are IT aware, IT inclined and IT involving due to the persistent thrust and delivery of NIC Lakshadweep.

    The National Informatics Centre (NIC) set up its first centre in Lakshadweep at Kavaratti way back in 1988. Subsequently two other NIC units at Minicoy and Lakshadweep administration office at Willingdon Island, Kochi were also set up in 1990. NIC centre for running the LSDC at Trivandrum was setup in 2014 March. Right from its inception, this UT Unit has been rendering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services to the Lakshadweep Administration. Various online applications have been developed for different departments such as, the departments of Port , Electricity, Cooperation, Education, Planning & Statistics, Finance & Accounts, Employment Exchange and Health etc which are extensively utilized by the clients. All the departments and officers of Lakshadweep Administration have been provided with e-mail facilities. Software applications such as Ship Ticketing, Employment Exchange Services, POWERLAK Consumer Management System for have fetched laurels for NIC in Lakshadweep. The software provisions for Tourist Booking, Education Counselling, eOffice, PDS, Pay-Roll computerization, Electoral Roll and Land Records have also proved to be extremely effective and useful.

    NIC’s presence in Lakshadweep includes the state centre at Secretariat, Kavaratti and two district centres at Kochi, Minicoy and the LSDC Centre at Trivandrum.

    Presentation on Activities of NIC Lakshadweep